The planning of propeller perforator flap on previously transferred musculocutaneous flap via multidetector computed tomography for the reconstruction of tissue defect overlying Achilles tendon

The mapping of peripheral vascular system and imaging perforatorsare essential before perforator flap surgery. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Doppler ultrasonography (US), and computed tomography(CT) are widely used techniques to determine the location of recipientvessels and perforators in donor site (Demirtas, Cifci, Kelahmetoglu,Demir, & Danacı, 2009). CT imaging is found to be an effectivemethod for perforator selection at donor site prior to autologousbreast reconstruction (Hamdi, Van Landuyt, Van Hedent, & Duyck,2007). Backup perforator flap was described as the use of a perforatorflap derived from a previously transferred free musculocutaneous flap(Topalan, Guven, & Demirtas, 2010). This letter presents the reconstruction of a tissue defect on Achilles tendon using a backup propeller perforator flap, three-dimensional (3-D) CT imaging was used todetermine the perforators of previously transferred free latissimusdorsi musculo-cutaneous flap (LDMC).

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